August 5, 2011


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Whitesburg Middle School
Course Syllabus:  Inclusion Classes
Mrs. K. Atchley

Work Phone:    428-7780    cell:  348-0915  hm: 726-8660
Email:        [email protected]
[email protected]

Expectations for Inclusion/Collaborative Teacher
·    Be present to assist any student who may have difficulty,
making sure ALL students understand and follow teacher instructions.
·    Ensure accommodations are being followed.
·    Have knowledge of  the lesson
·    Take notes to share with students during learning strategies.
·    Act as liaison between teachers and parents.

Learning Strategies Class
·    Share notes, directions, due dates for assignments
·    Develop study guides and techniques to study for tests
·    Assist students in completion and correction of assignments
·    Guide students in organization skills.
·    Administer tests with accommodations when needed
·    Teach social skills and character education

Mrs. Atchley’s schedule:                                           Room:
1st Period            Inclusion Civics                       Jackson
2nd Period          Inclusion Math/Civics         Sparks/Jackson
3rd Period           Learning Strategies                Atchley
4th Period           Collaborative Plan                  Atchley /varies
5th Period           Planning                                      Atchley
6th Period          Inclusion English                      Seeley
7th Period          Inclusion Science                     Kyler

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